Athens Homecoming Parade

10/10/14 -

Athens Homecoming

On the 3rd of January this year the robotics team all reported to the PNC building to view the live broadcast of the FIRST FRC kick-off presentation. As we were watching all the FIRST leaders were “dropping clues” to the them as they led up to the finale where they finally announced the theme and game for the 2015 FIRST FRC competition. As they closed into the finale we were all on the edge of our seats waiting to hear the final words of the presentation that would be the most important words of this competition. various guesses such as “underwater robot” or “capture the flag” had been laid out on the table. Finally the words “recycling were uttered at the end of the presentation as we all gasped and starting throwing ideas around as all our imaginations starting working and wrapped ourselves around the concept of the theme that year. after that we concluded with Mr. Tu’s motivational speech as we were all dismissed to go home and brainstorm for the next few weeks.