Awards Submission: Complete!

2/28/15 - The past month, after weeks of hard work, multiple award essays have been submitted. The website, media/content, and record management subgroups have been collaborating on the Comcast Media Award essay, which has finally been turned in. "It's very rewarding to see that after our daily toil, we turn in an essay that does so well in reflecting such an integral part of the Hammerheads," says website team member Lee Wang. The other members also share this sentiment. The submission of the Media essay has resulted in more time for the website group to improve their site's design and user experience.

The Entrepreneurship Award essay was also submitted in February, and was particularly challenging due to a dearth of writers. Team leader Kunal Garg expressed this as the need for "three people to work like ten". Nevertheless, the executive summary was finally turned in last week.

Finally, the Chairman's essay, after months of hard work, was submitted this February too. The Chairman's group spent hours upon hours editing this essential essay, and feel a great weight lifted off their shoulders after turning it in. This group is now working on their video, and on improving their presentations.

All in all, February has been a very successful month for the Hammerheads, and one that will make way for the competition season. With the aforementioned award submissions has come more time to improve various aspects of the team. The focus now shifts onto the robot: the mechanical, drive, and programming teams have a mountainous task ahead of them which they will surely overcome, like they have in years past, producing stellar results.