Bloomfield Hills “All Girls” Event

11/1/14 -

Bloomfield All Girls

The Hammerhead 226 team attended the Bloomfield Hills event on November 1st, but what makes this event different from all the other events the team has participated in is that only girls are allowed to operate and manipulate the robot in the matches. In fact, this is the first year that Bloomfield Hills held this all-girls even, so it was a chance for girls to gain experience in the field.
The girls were coached on how to drive and manipulate the robot weeks before the event, and during the actual match, the team leaders were on the side helpfully giving advice. Another difference was that the drivers and manipulators had shifts, unlike the regular season, where there were set drivers. This was to help spread the experience among the girls who attended. The concept of the matches were the same as the 2014 concept: Aerial Assist. The team used last years robot to compete in this event. There was also pits where the girls could go in and look at the numerous robots that were competing, completing the whole experience of a real competition.
The atmosphere of the crowd radiated with team spirit and sounded very excited. Of course, Team 226 was part of of the excitement and cheered loudly for their robot despite the lack of members there. Also there was a lot of gracious professionalism. Teams regarded each other with respect, and it made the overall experience fun.