Howel District Competition

3/24/14 - The Hammerheads competed in the first of two scheduled FIRST Robotics District Competitions on March 14 and 15 in Howell. After a rocky start Friday morning, the Hammerheads pulled it together and moved onto the elimination rounds Saturday afternoon.
Fifth place alliance Captain, Team 4568 Robot Commander, and their partner, Team 910 Foley Freeze, picked us to round out their alliance. We beat the fourth place alliance to two rounds and moved onto the semi-finals. Here we faced the first place alliance of Team 67 HOT, Team 469 Las Guerrillas, and Team 3548 Royal Oak RoboRavens. In two short rounds we were pecked by the Ravens, thumped by the Guerrillas, and scorched by the Heroes of Tomorrow.
All was not lost though. Even after being defeated in the semi-finals, we won a Gracious Professionalism award and have accumulated points towards an invite the MI State Championship.
Our next District Competition is April 4 and 5 in Troy at Athens High School. For more info on the Troy District Competition visit