Team Bonding Event

10/24/15 - As the cold weather approaches, Team 226 grasped the last opportunities of the warm weather to have a outdoor team bonding event. At this event, the incoming and fresh rookies get a chance to mingle and meet the old members. There were a lot of games in the event and even yummy food. First, they separated the team into smaller groups. The small groups are optimal for talking and getting to know each other. Unfortunately, as it may be warm, it was rainy. A slight drizzle appeared after the team finished their competitive sack races, which by the way was really fun and interesting, so everybody headed inside.
Although, before the team went in, a couple of members were playing around in the rain before it got too heavy. Inside, they cleared out some tables until they had enough room for dodgeball. Playing it inside made it more fast-paced and the mentors were happy that no windows were broken in the process. Luckily for team 226, the weather cleared up and everybody went outside to play capture the flag. The game was intense and a lot of slipping happened since the grass was still a bit damp from the rain At the end, the team commemorated this event with a group pictures and a whole lot of selfies.