2014 Team Bonding Event

9/29/14 - The Hammerheads 226 proudly hosted team bonding event at Troy High School on Saturday September 27, 2014. It was a big day for many new and old members. For some, their journey started from their friends.
The purpose of this event was so that the old members can greet with the newer members. Each member had to show what they are best at, and what they are most interested in the team. By the end of this event, every rookie found a way to improve their communication with the veterans.
There were many activities including water balloon war, dodge ball, tug o’ war, and a team bonding. Rookies were introduced to each mentor. Veterans explained to the rookies about each every group in the team. There are three groups in the team: The build, The business and the The media. Each group has their own task. The build group includes animators, mechanical design and electrical programming. The business group tries t raise money for the build to use for their robots. The media group jots down all the history on which robot was better. The media also records the mistakes so the team can learn from the mistakes in the future.
Friendships were made as rookies and veterans gathered to chat and play games. There were cheers of success and the spirit to do better. Team 226, The Hammerheads, will be ready to host another year for new members to feel like home.