Barnes and Noble

8/27/2016—With school in the horizon, what’s better than going to Barnes and Noble to get your last-minute summer reading books? The answer is supporting robotics! We, the 226 Hammerhead team is hosting our largest annual fundraising collaboration with the bookstore, Barnes and Nobles. But for the first time in years, we are actually hosting two bookstore fundraisers with our first location being in the Barnes and Nobles in Rochester Hills. If you missed our first fundraising between 8/27/16 - 9/1/16, do not fret as there will be another one around December.

The way we obtain the funds is by getting a percentage of the sales if the customer uses our code when they purchase their item(s). So it is important for us to get the message across to the customers and that’s why we set up multiple stations around the store. When the customers walk in, they are greeted by our wonderful welcome station. Our lovely greeters can quickly and efficiently explain what this outreach event aims to do and what robotics even is. Then, they are directed to the robot station situated in the back of the store.

We have a pit crew stationed there, and they show off our Aerial Ace robot to the crowds. The kids love the robot so they are always interested. Then, dragged by the kids, the parents take interest and ask us about the robot and what we do which is a perfect opportunity to spread STEM and the culture of robotics. Next to the robot, we have our robofest booth. They offered interactions with the small autonomous robot and the kids chased it around the table. At the table to the right we have a lego-filled wonderland. Our members guided the children into building wonderful creations. Finally, we have our 3-D station. Kids look at the screen in awe as they are scanned in our 3-D program where it recreates your heads, shoulders, knees and toes on the computer monitor.

Although the booths are fun and all, the main attraction is our own personalized mascot, Sharkie (Disclaimer: It is an actual shark,there is no human inside whatsoever)! It swam through the sea of books, periodically picking up some shark articles to discover its identity but spent most of its time pleasing (and sometimes scaring) the young children who are enthralled by the towering Sphyrnidae - also know as the mighty hammerhead.

This event was a success and we hope you are able to come to our next Barnes and Nobles fundraiser! :)

You can see more pictures from the event here