Barnes & Noble Fundraiser 2014

12/12/14 - On December 12, 2014, the Hammerheads of team 226 have made a partnership with the Barnes and Noble book store as a fundraiser to help support our team and spread the message of FIRST. We go to a local Barnes and Noble store and have stations such as wrapping gifts a showcase for our robot. We show the shoppers who we are and what we do so they get a better understanding or an introduction the FIRST.
Barnes and Nobles is our team’s largest fundraising event of the year, in which we raise over 2,000 dollars every year. The team started the event in 2007. We have greatly increased are team size and our influence at the store since we began. We earn the money by getting a percentage of the sales if the customer uses our code when they purchase their item(s). We have many stations set up around the store to get customers interested in our team and our presence.
One of the stations is the robot showcase. In the children’s section of the store, we have an area where we have one or two of our robots on display for the people to observe and watch us operate it. The kids are the most interested in the robots, always asking questions and pulling their parents over to come see it in action. The parents in turn ask questions to the drivers and team members at the station and learn more about us.
Another station is the welcome table. We have 1-2 team members stationed at a table with a large banner to show the customers our presence with pamphlets of our team with our website address and a brief description of our team. The banner draws people to the table so they ask questions and get to know what FIRST is.
The third station is our wrapping table. After the customers make a purchase, with our code or not, since it is the holiday season, we offer a free wrapping of the gifts. It is a great way of sharing the holiday spirit and giving back to the community. From books to movies, we wrap anything the customers ask, free of charge. They always are very nice and usually ask questions about who we are.
The final group is Sharkie, our mascot, and his or her swim buddies. Our mascot goes around the store bringing a cheerful and fun aspect of our team to the store and also gets huge attractions from kids who want high fives and want to say hi, even though sharks can’t talk. Sharkie’s swim buddies talk to the kids and parents about who we are and what we do, spreading the word of FIRST.