Bloomfield Hills All-Girls Competition

11/12/2016 — In November, we went to Bloomfield Hills High School for the Bloomfield Hills All-Girls competition. The game was 2016's Stronghold competition and consisted of all-girl drive teams and all girls working in the pit. We had 2 all-girl drive teams and they competed in 6 qualifying matches and ending up being 4th seed alliance captains.We braved our way valiantly to the semifinals until we met out ultimate demise. The main drive team consisted of Kaila and Arhely. Meghana and Hanna were on the backup drive team. The rest of the girls took a very active role in fixing the robot in the pits, along with cheering in the stands. Even though we struggled through some tough matches, we all had a great time at the competition. Even the guys came out to support the team! Everyone had fun and it was a great ending to the Stronghold season.