CARE Outreach Event

08/20/2015 - On August 20th, 2015, Team 226 had the pleasure of attending Bemis Elementary School for an outreach opportunity. We had many activities planned out for the kids. Some included marshmallow building, Lego building, and different robot presentations. Although the CARE students were from all grades, they had one thing they had in common : they were having fun, especially with the robots. The kids couldn't contain their excitement at getting a chance to drive our robot from the 2014 Aerial Assist competition. They were given the opportunity to drive the robot around and see how it worked. They even played with the robot and played catch with the ball that the robot shot. Our robofest team also attended this event. They brought their robofest robots and the kids were delighted to see the tiny robots interact with each other. They even had a chance to play with robots itself, picking it up and moving it around the track course. It's intellectual system sparked up the children's curiosity leading to many questions.

Other than the robot presentation and hands-on experience with the robot, they also had created their own working balloon car. They got to race them down the hallways and have a mini competition with their friends. Afterwards, they had a huge balloon party. Our team members happily joined with the kids, playing volleyball using the leftover balloons. Another thing they enjoyed doing was building innovative towers with the provided marshmallows and toothpicks.They had to work in teams of two and faced many obstacles like the lack of marshmallows and building the structures base. This activity taught them about how to work with their peers and about architectonics. We even had a drawing station to let the kids go wild on their innovational side. The pictures came out adorable and colorful.

Our team members also had a blast working with the kids. At each station, our team members were working closely with each child to make the best with their short time. Even Sharkie, our hammerhead mascot, was out and about greeting the little kids. This outreach event was a success and we hope to see the kids in future robotic teams.