Homecoming 2015

10/9/2015 - Our robotics participated in both of the Troy High School and Athens High School homecoming parade. Homecoming parade is where all of the clubs come together and march down the street showcasing their team members. Team 226 was proud to walk down the main street, along with Sharkie, and throw candy to the crowd of young kids. It is a long time tradition to have each team to throw candy at the crowd of kids, but the Hammerheads had a very unique way of giving out candy.
One vital part of the parade was to show off out T shirt cannon, that we used as a candy shooting cannon for the 2 parades. The cannon was on our amazing float which was attached to the trailer of one of our member’s car. We had two people on top of the float whom were using the canon manually to shoot the candy out towards crowds of people. The T shirt cannon has allowed the team 226 Hammerheads float to be one of the favorites for the Homecoming Parades.
Along with just walking in the parade and shooting candy, we had a lot of spirit. One thing that showed our spirit was sharkie, our mascot. One person from our team wore the team Sharkie costume and walked in the parade with us, attracting a lot of attention from the kids. We also had spirit from how we looked. We all wore our blue team shirts and drew different blue designs on our face to show our team spirit. With the t-shirts on, we looked like a sea of blue with Sharkie swimming inside.
Overall, it was amazing for the robotics team to be able to participate in both schools, and also to represent our fantastic robotics team. Everybody had so much fun from the parade and from eating candy.