Kettering Kickoff

9/19/2015 - Kettering Kickoff, located in Kettering University in Flint, is one of the few pre-season competitions that our robotic team participates in. There were around 50 teams and each team had to participate in a certain number of preliminary matches to form alliances later on in the competition. This competition was a great opportunity to let the inexperienced drivers and manipulators to practice controlling in a real life environment. They got to play out in the field; through this, they gained more skills in competing in these robotic competitions.
This was also a great experience not only for new drivers, but for the rookies on our team. They had never been to one so Kettering Kickoff was a perfect way for them to get accustomed to how the game works and how competitions work. They were able to explore the pits and speculate the matches. Also they tasted what scouting was like.
In the beginning we were doing solid but as the competition progressed, we became better and got 1st position in the preliminaries. This meant that we were first alliance captains and got first pick on the teams. Each alliance has three teams and they go against the other 7 alliances to battle for the award, Top Dog. We made it all the way to the semifinals and then we lost our match but they decided to redo the match because of internet problems. At that moment the team was very hyped because we got a second chance. After waiting for them to fix the problem we redid the match and won the match, making us advance to the Finals. The Final was a tough match and we lost by very little and got the Big Dog Award, which is the award for the second place alliance team.