1/9/2016 - This is it. The time has finally come to reveal the 2016 FRC Robotics Competition game! Team 226 had gathered together to witness the FRC Kickoff. Anxious for the reveal, our team patiently waited in anticipation for the livestream to release. Before the kick off began, the team had breakfast together to talk about what could Stronghold be. Ideas varied from would our robot be have to centered around defence? or the game capture the flag. This year’s game definitely did not disappoint. The live stream itself alluded to Monty Python and it added a bit of flair to the unrevealing and as the game got revealed, we marveled at the complex game design and the field mechanics. After the initial livestream, the team bounced off ideas to get their gears rolling in preparation of creating the new robot. 226 was hyped up to start the beginning of competition season.

After the kick off to make everyone more excited, different team bonding games were played. One of the games was to stack paper to create the tallest structure. The winners of this game got awarded the fame for winning and a bag of marshmallows. It was very interesting to see the team members work together to think of innovative ideas to create their structure. This warm-up helped kick start their brains and at the same time, build teamwork with their randomly assigned group members. The meeting ended but it was only the start of our long journey in the stronghold.