Midland Competition

03/18/2016 - And with the FRC competition season starting, we, along with 39 other teams, crashed into Dow High School as we battled in the Midland Great Lakes Bay Region District FRC. The trip was an over-night stay, so team 226 brought along some of its most eager soldiers and crew – including rookies and veterans alike – to the battlefield. We were all ready to start the season as the driver team spent countless of hours practicing and the engineering team fixing and tweaking the robot as the days counted down to the start of the competition. For rookies, it was a perfect experience to get the feel of robotics FRC competitions. They were introduced to jobs like scouting and pit scouting and after, they had the leisure to explore the variety of other robots in the pits. This training prepared them for the competitions yet to come later in the season. Team spirit was present as our team went up on the field. We waved our signs, flags and pom poms and it was fun participating in the dances strewn throughout the day. Meeting other mascots was also a blast because they really could get into character. Seeing Sharkie, our mascot, interact with the other mascots was really funny because they would always be doing silly actions at each other.
Despite being the first competition in the season, all the teams did quite well, including us. We were picked on an alliance but unfortunately, we succumbed to the opposing forces and did not make it to the semifinals. But the true heroes was the business team or rather specifically, the chairmans group. Their brilliant presentation awarded us the Engineering Inspiration Award. This was the first year we went to Midlands for a competition and their school setting and set up was great. And now for the Troy District FRC competition, it’s our turn to set up for another amazing battle.