11/19/2016 — Annually the team hosts Sharkfest an FLL and JrFLL competition. This year proved to be yet another successful Sharkirafest with our many volunteers that spent countless hours beforehand to prepare for this competition. It was a quite a sight watching many of these young minds come together to solve the problem of Animal Allies and Creature Craze. All teams worked hard getting their robot ready for competition and getting ready for the presentation of their solutions.

FLL and JrFLL have separate judging criteria. The JrFLL teams are judged on their model, research, and values. Every JrFLL team receives an award at the end so everyone is a winner! The FLL teams are judged on the performance of their robot in a small scale arena and values such as gracious professionalism, teamwork, and coopertition (being kind in competition).

By the end of the event, all of the FLL and JrFLL teams showed their gracious professionalism, and received advice and support from their peers, and judges on how to improve for the future. All of the number of Team 226 had many different roles involved in this competition. Whether it was Ambassador to the new rookie teams or being a referee everyone worked to hard to make this successful. At the end when the judge’s handed out awards it was nice to see these kids with such delight in their faces receiving an award for all of their hard work. It was a main goal and responsibility of Team 226 to promote the youth’s interests so they can become the next generation innovators. We accomplished our goal and want to accomplish it for years to come.