Troy District Competition

04/06/2016 — It is that time of year again when our team, 226, has been given the privilege to host our own district FRC competition. It takes place at Athens High School and for the set up, each of our volunteers diligently worked together to carry, piece, and put together the field and pit area. The team’s large number of members comes very handy in a time like this because with everybody pitching in, it only took two days to complete set-up. At competitions, we always see the final set-up of the field, but by hosting our own competition, our members get to see the process of how the field comes together. And during the actual competition, our team members know that in their hearts, they have contributed their efforts into a greater cause. Our volunteering did not stop there. Some of our members were chosen to be field volunteers during the match. They were given jobs like field reset, safety glasses admin, and even MCing. The media content team was apart of the broadcast channel, manning the camera and controlling the screen functions.

If anything, the matches were more intense than those of midland. The teams were very competitive and high scores were scattered throughout the matches. Our performance improved greatly from our last competition and we were able to be picked on the fourth alliance seed. We even made it as far as the semifinals! The drivers were amazing and the pit crew overcame problems very quickly, especially towards the end.

Since this competition was local, most of our members, plus family members and friends, were there. As you scanned the bleachers, we were literally like an ocean, with our matching blue shirts and not to mention our blue face paints. With the increased motivation and team members, our spirit was off the charts. Our cheers and chants rang throughout the gym whenever our team came up. We also cheered for our alliance teams when they scored a goal. We interacted with other teams through chants and it was very fun. With our spirit being so high, we were able to snag the Spirit award. Overall, this experience was extremely rewarding and exciting to all members alike. Something special to note is that two of our members, Rahul Saxena and Neelesh Kris, got nominated to go on to states as a Dean’s list applicant. I honestly can’t wait until the troy district FRC competition next year!