Outreach 2018-2019

Team 226 is devoted to spreading our resources to other teams in the form of outreach. We work tirelessly to reach out to our surrounding community. we volunteer at local charities and food banks. We also have dozens of other outreach events including fundraisers, presentations, and volunteer opportunities.

"It is imperative for us to not just to have a great robot, but we also need to give back to the community that has given us so much."

FTC FIN-ale Qualifier Event      

Five local FTC middle school teams (including 19 from Troy) competed in our inaugural event. The winning alliance is an all-Troy alliance of 13462 Digital Owls (Smith), 13627 DigiMinds 2.0 (Baker) and 13417 Circuit Rush (Smith). All 3 will advance to Michigan State FTC Championship this Saturday in Battle Creek along with 3 other Troy FTC teams (11394 PixelBotics, 13009 TechnoBots, and 14657 Robo Warriors, all from Boulan). Congratulations to all! (2018/12/8)

Troy Science Festival      

Experienced STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) through hands-on activities and demos and simultaneously watch SharkFest, a First Lego League Elementary Competition. It is hosted and sponsored by Troy and Athens HS Robotics Club. (2018/11/17)

Sharkfest & FLL Jr. Qualifier Event      

Annually in November, we host sharkfest, an FIRST TECH Challege (FTC), FIRST LEGO League (FLL) and FLL Jr. international robotics competition. It introduces a scientific and real-world challenge for teams to focus and research on. This year, we had over 40 teams (FLL and FLL Jr.) participating and a great Troy Science Festival where many youths are exposed to STEM/FTC and FRC robots.(2018/11/17)

Scarecrow Row Contest      

This year, we pariticipated competition of 5th annual Scarecrow Row held by Troy Historical Village. Congratulations on winning scarecrow contest for our creativity and teamwork in designing and building this scarecrow. (2018/10/27)

Can Drive      

Every year, students are required to participate in at least one fundraiser for the team, and this was one of the first opportunities available. Students walked through the neighborhoods, and went door to door collecting returnable cans and bottles essentially fishing for cans. Brochures were handed out with information on the team, in order to allow more people to learn about the team. A mass email was also sent out to troy parents, requesting that people interested sign up to have cans collected from their house before they were collected. Everytime they collected over several thousands of cans. After depositing the cans that were returnable and recycling the rest, the team earned money to help pay for competitions, trips, and materials for the robot. (2018/10/21, 2018/10/28)

Homecoming Parade      

Every year, our robotics participated in both of the Troy High School and Athens High School homecoming parade. Homecoming parade is where all of the clubs come together and march down the street showcasing their team members. Team 226 was proud to walk down the main street, along with Sharkie, and throw candy to the crowd of young kids. It is a long time tradition to have each team to throw candy at the crowd of kids, but the Hammerheads had a very unique way of giving out candy.(2018/09/21, 2018/09/28)

Troy Talks

Troy Talks was an event hosted at our local library. At this outreach event, we talked to the kids in our community about STEM, robotics, and our team. We had stations in the room that varied from STEM activities that displayed programming to activities that demonstrated our business and safety teams. We also demoed our robot, which kids were really excited about. Overall, kids learned a lot and really enjoyed the stations. (2018/8/12)

FLL Summer Camp

To further engage the next generation to STEM, our team held our second FLL summer camp for elementary students. Held at Athens High with our very own camp counselors, this camp taught over 40 students how to design, build, and program an EV3 robot. In the course of the week, each group of kids had a finished robot that they brought to the mock competition on the last day. This camp was very beneficial for our team, as team members got to spread their knowledge to the younger generation and promote STEM at the same time. (2018/8/6-2018/8/10)

Robotics Town Hall

To spread the word about Troy Youth Robotics and showcase the great opportunities of FIRST to our community, we held two town hall meetings. Parents and students of all grades came to listen in. Our members explained what FIRST is and its levels and benefits. Participants were able to ask any questions and get a perspective from a mentor, student, and parent! With the thorough explanations and speeches of past FIRST experiences, many students and parents wanted to create new teams or join a team. Not only did we help them join and create, but we also continuously sent them information to help them transition into the FIRST. (2018/7/26, 2018/8/4)


One of the things we do yearly is present at all 12 of our elementary schools that hold after school care programs. We bring our robot and several activities for the kids to play with. Since these programs are for kids to have fun, our robot plays catch with the kids. We allow them to understand the concepts behind each fun game, whether it's the robot or building marshmallow towers. In these events, our Robofest events are also there, allowing the kids to experience programming and driving a robot. We also have a station that shows kids the importance of safety, no matter where you are. The kids really enjoyed our stations; in fact, one of the schools wrote us an appreciation card back! (2018/8/3)

Detroit Maker Fair

The Maker Faire event attracts a vast variety of "makers" to showcase amazing feats. Maker Faire Detroit is held annually in Dearborn, Michigan in the end of July. At the event, we have a wonderful opportunity to show off our projects and equipment to people of every technological background. Kids and teens interested in the STEM field or those who just want to see something cool are able to interact and see eye to eye with the Hammerhead's robot, 3D scanner and other technology. We're also able to answer questions and explain how things work in our demonstration! The event is a blast for adults as well and serves as a perfect medium for the Hammerheads to make a name for themselves within the community and attract many new members to the team. (2018/7/28)

Continental Automotive Picnic

To maintain our relationship with our sponsors, we attended the Continental Automotive Picnic, a picnic to the employees of one of our sponsors. In this day, we showcased our Power Up robot, gave a speech about FIRST, and ran games for the employees. Without our sponsors' help, we wouldn't be able to make the robot we have, so we really appreciated this opportunity, as we not only got to thank our sponsors through our robot, but also got to make an impact on our community with our speech. (2018/7/24)