The Homecoming Parade

9/17/13 - At the Troy High Homecoming Parade, we the Hammerheads had an important part in it. Before the parade, volunteer members met up at Boulan Middle School to prep for our mile-long walk. After signing in, some members made last-minuite tweeks and check-ups on the T-shirt robot to ensure optimal performance during the parade. We divided the candy amongst ourselves into plastic bags that was going to be tossed later, then got in our respective position for the parade. We were ready to go anytime.
The parade begins! Two team members introduced our segment with a huge sign, while others walked behind it, throwing candy to parade onlookers. Sharkie (our mascot) also walked with us! We had the T-shirt robot in the back of a pick-up truck, shooting t-shirts and candy after each countdown towards the waiting people. It was fun seeing the smiles of kids catching our candy. We even threw one at a police officer on duty!
Once we reached Troy High, our final destination, we all gathered together for a group picture. With that, we cleaned up, some getting ready for other homecoming events (the game), others heading home. In the end, the homecoming parade was a great success in spreading the word of who we are! It was ceratinly an enjoyable and memorable experience; definitely something I recommend doing for the club!