SharkFest 2013

11/11/13 - The Hammerheads 226 proudly hosted SharkFest at Troy High School on Saturday, November 9th. It was a big day for many elementary, middle, and high school students alike. Elementary and middle school participants participated in the Junior FLL and FLL competitions. For some, their journey started in the gyms for matches against other teams while for others, they went on to present their projects, teams, and robots to judges.

The purpose of this event was so that Junior FLL and FLL teams could show their skills and effort on what they have accomplished. Throughout the competitions, these teams have received motivation from other teams, promoting gracious professionalism. By the end of this event, every team found a way to improve on their current skills for future competitions.

There are two sections of the arena. In each of these sections, the robots have to move numerous objects around the board to get points. The team with the highest score wins. However, there are also penalties, which are determined by the referees.

There are three kinds of judging rooms: the core values, which tests teamwork; the project presentation, which tests participants on their knowledge of this year’s theme, Nature’s Fury and lastly; there is robot design, where they present the robot that they have made.

The FLL teams had impressive robots as they proved their hard work through intense competition. They had some failures, but they got back up, and came back stronger for the next match. In the pits, all the teams put up their signs and posters, displaying their spirit as teams mingled among each other.

As the host, the Hammerheads worked hard together to make sure SharkFest was successful. Some minor delays and complications weren't going to get in the way of the fun of the day. From ambassadors to the referees, everyone made sure they did their jobs correctly so that the event would go smoothly.

Some jobs included ambassadors, who guided the teams; judges, who rated teams on different performances; judge helpers; concessions stand vendor, who provided lunch and snacks which also helped raise funds for FRC Team 226; and even Sharkie, the giant, friendly, hammerhead shark, who serves as the mascot for FRC Team 226.

Friendships were made as kids from different teams gathered to chat and play games. There were cheers of success and the spirit to do better next year. For those working hard for next year, Team 226, the Hammerheads, will be ready to host yet another great SharkFest as we have this year.