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new event Robotics FLL Summer Camp
8/6/18 - 8/10/18, 6:30 to 8:30pm
Athens HS Cafeteria

All spots have been filled. Registration is no longer open. Details of the camp for 4th and 5th graders

new event Robotics Town Hall Presentations and details
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We are FRC Team 226, the Hammerheads. We've competed annually in FIRST Robotics Competition since 1999. Our team is composed of students from Troy HS and Athens HS in Troy, MI.


1/9/2016 - This is it. The time has finally come to reveal the 2016 FRC Robotics Competition game! Team 226 had gathered together to witness the FRC Kickoff. Anxious for the reveal, our team patiently waited in anticipation for the livestream to release. Before the kick off began, the team had breakfast together to talk about what could Stronghold be. Ideas varied from would our robot be have to centered around defence? or the game capture the flag. This year’s game definitely did not disappoint.

Barnes and Noble

11/20/2015 - The smell of new books mixed in with the slight scent of the holiday spiced drinks makes Barnes and Noble the perfect place to look for a book.and to support our annual fundraiser. On Friday night, the 20th, the Hammerheads of team 226 made a partnership with the Barnes and Noble book store as a fundraiser to help support our team and spread the message of FIRST. Barnes and Nobles is our team’s largest fundraising event of the year. The way we obtain the funds is by getting a percentage of the sales if the customer uses our code when they purchase their item(s).


11/14/2015 - It’s November! It’s that time of the year again when Team 226 Hammerheads hosts the Sharkfest event at Troy High School. Many elementary, middle, and high school students came to participate in the FLL competition. It was such a sight to see all of the aspiring, young robotic teams come from all over the area. Many of the names were pretty interesting such as the Space Unicorns and the Supa Hot team. Sharkfest is way more than just being able to build robots. Not only does this event test the teams on their capabilities on the field, but their presentation skills.

Team Bonding Event

10/24/15 - As the cold weather approaches, Team 226 grasped the last opportunities of the warm weather to have a outdoor team bonding event. At this event, the incoming and fresh rookies get a chance to mingle and meet the old members. There were a lot of games in the event and even yummy food. First, they separated the team into smaller groups. The small groups are optimal for talking and getting to know each other. Unfortunately, as it may be warm, it was rainy.

Can Drive

11/1/2015 - This last Sunday, the Team held a fundraiser and outreach event in the form of a Can Drive. Every year, students are required to participate in at least one fundraiser for the team, and this was one of the first opportunities available. Students walked through the neighborhoods around Troy High, and went door to door collecting returnable cans and bottles essentially fishing for cans.

Homecoming 2015

10/9/2015 - Our robotics participated in both of the Troy High School and Athens High School homecoming parade. Homecoming parade is where all of the clubs come together and march down the street showcasing their team members. Team 226 was proud to walk down the main street, along with Sharkie, and throw candy to the crowd of young kids. It is a long time tradition to have each team to throw candy at the crowd of kids, but the Hammerheads had a very unique way of giving out candy.

Kettering Kickoff

9/19/2015 - Kettering Kickoff, located in Kettering University in Flint, is one of the few pre-season competitions that our robotic team participates in. There were around 50 teams and each team had to participate in a certain number of preliminary matches to form alliances later on in the competition. This competition was a great opportunity to let the inexperienced drivers and manipulators to practice controlling in a real life environment. They got to play out in the field; through this, they gained more skills in competing in these robotic competitions.

CARE Outreach Event

8/20/2015 - On August 20th, 2015, Team 226 had the pleasure of attending Bemis Elementary School for an outreach opportunity. We had many activities planned out for the kids. Some included marshmallow building, Lego building, and different robot presentations. Although the CARE students were from all grades, they had one thing they had in common : they were having fun, especially with the robots

Open House 2015

6/8/15 - If you are interested in joining our Troy and Athens Robotics Club for the 2015-2016 season, please visit us during our Open House this Friday, 6/12, 7 pm, at Troy HS Lecture Room 222 (near the front entrance by the flag poles). We are not just about building robots. We also do business planning, outreach, fundraising, animation design, web design, video production, photography, project management, and much more. New member training will occur over the summer, so don't miss this Friday's meeting.

Awards Submission: Complete!

2/28/15 - The past month, after weeks of hard work, multiple award essays have been submitted. The website, media/content, and record management subgroups have been collaborating on the Comcast Media Award essay, which has finally been turned in. "It's very rewarding to see that after our daily toil, we turn in an essay that does so well in reflecting such an integral part of the Hammerheads," says website team member Lee Wang. The other members also share this sentiment.