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We are FRC Team #226, the Hammerheads. We've competed annually in the FIRST Robotics Competition since 1999, making this our 18th year of competition. Our team is composed of students from two Troy School District schools: Troy High School and Athens High School.

We receive great support from the Troy School District and our sponsors, as well as from our wonderful mentors from GM and parent volunteers. Read more.

Kickoff for the 2015 Season

1/3/15 - Today was the Kickoff for the 2015 robotics season. And so, we announce this year's FRC game: RECYCLE RUSH!


Barnes & Noble Fundraiser 2014

12/12/14 - On December 12, 2014, the Hammerheads of team 226 have made a partnership with the Barnes and Noble book store as a fundraiser to help support our team and spread the message of FIRST. We go to a local Barnes and Noble store and have stations such as wrapping gifts a showcase for our robot. We show the shoppers who we are and what we do so they get a better understanding or an introduction the FIRST.

Sharkfest 2014

11/15/14 -


On November 15th, 2014, the team 226 Hammerheads hosted the Sharkfest event at Troy High School. Many elementary, middle, and high school students came to participate in the FLL competitions planned throughout the day. the FLL and Junior FLL teams presented their ideas and Lego robots to the judges, all the while showing their Gracious Professionalism.

2014 Can Drive

10/25/14 - On October 25th, 2014. We, team 226 The Hammerheads hosted and conducted our annual Can Drive in the neighborhoods surrounding our school, Troy High.

2014 Team Bonding Event

9/29/14 - The Hammerheads 226 proudly hosted team bonding event at Troy High School on Saturday September 27, 2014. It was a big day for many new and old members. For some, their journey started from their friends.
The purpose of this event was so that the old members can greet with the newer members. Each member had to show what they are best at, and what they are most interested in the team. By the end of this event, every rookie found a way to improve their communication with the veterans.

Homecoming Parade

9/28/14 - Hey Hammerheads! Our team will be marching in the homecoming parade this Friday, 10/3/14. The parade will have many other clubs marching in addition to floats and lots of candy! You will have an opportunity to meet Sharkie, and show support for the rest of the club. The parade route is Northfield Parkway from Boulan to Troy High, so please come out at 5:00 to get candy and cheer on the Hammerheads!

Build Test

9/24/14 - To all potential members of this year's build team, please click on the link below to access all information needed for the build test:

Kettering Kickoff

9/19/14 - Kettering Kickoff will be this Saturday, September 20. Be at Troy High by 6:45am and have a signed Field Trip Permission Slip with you if you have not already turned one in.
The club will provide lunch, but you can bring money for concessions. If you are leaving early for another commitment, you will need to find your own ride back.
Veterans wear a Team T-Shirt. Rookies will be loaned one for this event.
Remember, long hair must be tried back and no flip-flops/open toed shoes or you will not be allowed in the pits!