About Us

We are a team of driven high school students devoted to the inspiration and recognition of science and technology. Our mission is to expose all students to the world of STEM and equip them with real world skills and working knowledge. We strive to influence the decisions of our students to build the next generation of innovators.


Being a member of The Hammerheads, means working hard, having fun, and always striving for improvement. We teach leadership and communication, as well as technical skills that carry over into the real world. No matter what career they choose, members of The Hammerheads learn much more than just how to build a robot. Our team is run like a business, making room for photographers, writers, artists and engineers. We stress that anyone can become a part of FIRST. With alumni support and many mentors helping us, being a Hammerhead is like having a second family.


Our team is run like a robot manufacturing company. Over many years, we have created an efficient organizational system composed of three levels of leadership: mentors, executive board and project leaders. At the very top are the mentors, who oversee all the operations and make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible throughout the whole team. The next level includes the President of the team and Vice Presidents (VP) of the team’s three branches: Engineering, Business, and Information. The student leaders – typically veteran seniors – accumulated enough experience in the branches to guide them with confidence. Following the Vice Presidents‘ lead are the project leaders who are in charge of specific projects within Engineering, Business or Information. All team members are encouraged to work in whichever department they feel fits them best. Despite the divided nature of the team, students still have the opportunity to work in multiple fields.


Team Structure

  • We have a large team—over 100 members! To organize, we split our team into groups, and smaller subgroups within those groups.
  • Within each group, we also have coordinators to take care of things that don’t quite require a full team.
  • Our main groups are these: Business, Information, and Engineering.


Our business team, led by Balaji Satagopan, consists of two groups, Marketing and Awards.

Our Marketing Team is led by Meghana Keeta. The team works on our improving our team image, through things like flyers and the design of our T-shirts. Additionally, they plan events like Sharkfest, and write the articles for the website.

Our Awards Team, led by Daniel Vijayasegar, works on essays for awards like Chairman’s, and they’re the ones coordinating things like Team Spirit.

Our coordinators include Social Media (Ameen Sinaph) and Imagery (Jenny Zhi & Danielle Boyer). Those roles are pretty self-explanatory.


Our Information Department, led by Brandon Guo, consists of three groups: Digital Media, Website, and Animation.

Digital Media is led by Angela Yu. The digital media team is responsible for creating videos to go on our Youtube channel (like our Robot Reveals) and they manage the photography at events.

Website is led by Michelle Lee. The website team is responsible for being quality control updating and improving the website.

The Animation team is led by Trinity Scarnecchia. They are responsible for creating all animations for videos that the team puts out, as well as animating an entry for the FIRST Robotics Safety Animation.


Engineering is led by Kaila Tu. The Engineering group (obviously) works on anything and everything related to our robot. Engineering is split into Fabrication and Programming.

Fabrication, led by Rahul Saxena (asst. John Jalkanen, Hanna Rau, Francisco Mendoza, Arpit Agarwal, Arhely Mendoza) works on the physical creation of the robot and the actual building of said robot.

Programming, led by Alec Michington (asst. Ethan Clifford, Lydia Tan, Raahul Ravi), works on the programming of the robot (if that wasn’t already obvious enough from the name).

Electrical Coordinator (part of fabrication, but not quite) is Hanna Rau.

Safety Captain (Safety first, friends!) is Arhely Mendoza.

Scouting Coordinator is Kaumudi Mahajan.

ROBOFEST: In addition to competing in the FIRST Robotics Competition, we send 4 groups to compete in Lawrence Technological University’s Robofest competition. The robots sent to these competitions are fully autonomous. We mainly enter the Game competition, but the event features competitions for all students from Kindergarten to College students. Our Robofest team is a tight-knit community willing to accept those who are passionate for robotics, both build and programming.

Robofest is led by Neelesh Bollu and Jeanie Yao.



Aside from building robots, the Hammerheads work tirelessly to spread the message of FIRST to the surrounding community. Various events we host and organize include the Girl Scouts Workshop, the CARE Company Workshop, Sharkfest, and the Barnes and Noble Fundraiser.

Girl Scouts: For two years, we have helped the local Girl Scouts earn two badges: the Technology badge, and the Entertainment badge

Sharkfest: Every year, we host an FLL and Junior FLL competition known as Sharkfest. This event is run and hosted by the Hammerheads, and tons of teams all over the region come to compete.

Barnes and Noble: We team up with Barnes and Noble every year to organize a fundraiser. While people are coming in to do their holiday shopping, they can enjoy amazing robot demos, fun activities, and a gift wrapping station.
Check our main page for posts on our recent outreach events!