Team 226 is devoted to spreading our resources to other teams in the form of outreach. We work tirelessly to reach out to our surrounding community. We volunteer at local charities and food banks. We also have dozens of other outreach events including fundraisers, presentations, and volunteer opportunities.

We created Troy Youth Robotics to help organize FLL, VEX IQ/EDR, FTC across our 12 elementary schools and 4 middle schools. We hope to promote the importance of STEM and outreach. To support TYR , we hold Town Hall events, numerous FTC/FLL drop-in practice sessions, FTC programming seminars, and student mentors. Hammerhead members mentor more than 70% of these Troy FLL and FTC teams.

“It is imperative for us to not just to have a great robot, but we also need to give back to the community that has given us so much.”

2021-2022 Season

Bloomfield Hills Girls Robotics Competition

The Bloomfield Girls Robotics competition is held at Bloomfield Hills High School and is one of our three all-girls events where the drive and pit crew are entirely led by female members. It also marked our last preseason competition before the official kickoff. Our robot ranked as a semi-finalist, almost...

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STEM Career Day

During this event, we introduced eighth graders to many STEM topics and interested them in learning more about robotics! We took them on a tour, introducing them to our team’s subgroups and showcasing our past robots. We also showed them our workshop and played our Chairman’s video to show them...

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Trunk or Treat

During Trunk or Treat, members of Team 226 were able to interact with our community to spread awareness of our team, STEAM and FIRST in a fun way. The event involved passing out candy along with small pieces of information about STEM and Team 226 out of a pick up...

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Troy High Home Coming Parade

As a part of the Troy High School Homecoming Parade, we drove our robot in the parade to celebrate this occasion. It served as great publicity because of the many clubs that participated in the parade with us. Additionally, the parade helped Team 226 create connections with other clubs. With...

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Athens Home Coming Parade

The Athens Homecoming is a grand event at Athens High School that attracts a large crowd of people. The Homecoming includes a large parade and our team has a great time, each year, being a part of the parade. Our team creates a special candy shooter robot for the event....

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Troy Historical Village

The team had set up a stand at Troy Historic Village at the Pizza and Pumpkins event on October 15th. The Pizza and Pumpkins event is a fall-themed event for people of all ages, who come for family-friendly fun. The event hosts various games and food for everyone to enjoy....

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STEM Festival with Detroit Red Wings

Come support our fundraiser with the Detroit Red Wings! A portion of the ticket payment comes back to support us. A ticket also gets you access to the STEM day event concurrent with the game, where we will be demoing our robot! (2020/2/23)

Beaumont Moonbeams for Sweet Dreams

The holiday tradition at Royal Oak Beaumont’s “Moonbeams for Sweet Dreams” has family, friends and strangers come out each night to shine lights up to the kids in the hospital who can’t be home for the holidays. We continuously support this event for several years. (2019/12/23)

Salvation Army Bell Ringing

The robot that the FIRST Robotics Competition Team 226 Hammerheads designed and constructed got the job as a bell ringer in Somerset Collection before Christmas. This is the third year the students have made a robot to ring the bell for the Salvation Army at local shopping mall. Come and see our robot ring the bell and donate to Salvation Army. In addition, we try to promote STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) to youth from this event. (2019/12/21)

Barnes and Noble Bookfair

We, the 226 Hammerhead team, always host our annual fundraising collaboration with the bookstore, Barnes and Noble. The way we obtain the funds is by getting a percentage of the sales if the customer uses our code when they purchase their items. So it is important for us to get the message across to the customers and that’s why we set up multiple stations around the store. Our lovely greeters can quickly and efficiently explain what this outreach event aims to do and what robotics even is. Then, they are directed to the robot station situated in the back of the store. This event was a success and we hope you are able to come to our next Barnes and Nobles fundraiser! 🙂 (2019/12/15)

SharkFest FLL and FLL Jr. Qualifier Event

Annually in November, we host Sharkfest, an FIRST TECH Challenge (FTC), FIRST LEGO League (FLL) and FLL Jr. international robotics competition. It introduces a scientific and real-world challenge for teams to focus and research on. This year, the event had more than 500 people participated. It was an exciting event, and most importantly, the kids had a blast. Dr. Richard Machesky ,Superintendent of Troy School District, also attended to support this event. (2019/11/16)

FLL Summer Camp

To further engage the next generation to STEM, our team held our anual FLL summer camp for elementary students. Held at Athens High with our very own camp counselors, this camp taught students how to design, build, and program on robot. In the course of the week, each group of kids had a finished robot that they brought to the mock competition on the last day. This camp was very beneficial for our team, as team members got to spread their knowledge to the younger generation and promote STEM at the same time. (2019/8/5-2019/8/9)

Robotics Town Hall

To spread the word about Troy Youth Robotics and showcase the great opportunities of FIRST to our community, we held two town hall meetings. Parents and students of all grades came to listen in. Our members explained what FIRST is and its levels and benefits. Participants were able to ask any questions and get a perspective from a mentor, student, and parent! With the thorough explanations and speeches of past FIRST experiences, many students and parents wanted to create new teams or join a team. Not only did we help them join and create, but we also continuously sent them information to help them transition into the FIRST. (2019/7/30)


Maker Faire Detroit

The Maker Faire event attracts a vast variety of “makers” to showcase amazing feats. Maker Faire Detroit is held annually in Dearborn, Michigan in the end of July. At the event, we have a wonderful opportunity to show off our projects and equipment to people of every technological background. Kids and teens interested in the STEM field or those who just want to see something cool are able to interact and see eye to eye with the Hammerhead’s robot, 3D scanner and other technology. We’re also able to answer questions and explain how things work in our demonstration! The event is a blast for adults as well and serves as a perfect medium for the Hammerheads to make a name for themselves within the community and attract many new members to the team. (2019/7/27)

Clawson 4th of July Parade

Fourth of July in Clawson has been a tradition since 1933 with the exception of one year during wartime. On 4th July, the parade starts at 9 am at the corner of 14 Mile and Crooks, heads to Main Street, north on Main to Elmwood, left on Elmwood and ends at the Clawson Park. This year, our robot travelled the entire 2.2 mile route with only 1 battery change. (2019/7/4)

Krispy Kreme Donut Fundraiser

Every year, students are required to participate in at least one fundraiser for the team. This year, Troy Robotics Club will have three Krispy Kreme donut fundraisers. Each box of donuts is $10. The money we raise will help pay for competitions, trips, and materials for the robot. (2019/7/1, 2019/7/24, 2019/11/20)